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  Along Highways and Byways          

As I drive along a road, if I happen to see something that looks like it would make a good picture, I quite often stop (or turn around and go back) to take a closer look. The following photographs were taken under such circumstances.

I make no guarantee that my identifications are correct. I am not a professional botanist, although I have been a very interested amateur for many years, and I have been on many professionally led field trips. In identifying the subjects of my photographs, I usually remember being shown this same kind of plant before, and being told its name. Often I remember the common name and the scientific family name or genus name of the plant, but sometimes the names have slipped my mind, just as the names of some of my human friends cannot be immediately recalled if I haven't seen them for awhile. So I look through books, comparing their illustrations and descriptions with the pictures I have just taken. Even then, it is impossible to find perfect agreement from one book to another. I try to do the best I can by listing the names that I have been told or have read about. I also try to add any interesting notes or other information when I can.

These are typical of the kinds of plants that everyone has seen, but possibly never noticed. I hope these photos will help you take notice of the beauties of Nature all around you.

by Sandra Bray

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