Genus Erysimum
Mustard Family (Brassicaceae/Cruciferae)

Wallflower plant
	    (Millcreek Canyon)

(Erysimum capitatum)

This is probably the most beautiful member of the mustard family occurring in our area. The flowers are large and showy (unlike most mustards).

They have the typical mustard arrangement of four petals, four sepals, and six stamens.

Close-up of wallflower blossoms

The plant grows about 18 inches tall. It is becoming rare in our foothills because it is easily uprooted when thoughtless people try to pick the flowers.

There are several species of wallflower, and thousands of different members in the mustard family.

This plant got its name because it could often be found growing from cracks in rock walls -- it doesn't require much soil.