Genus Viola
Violet Family (Violaceae)

Yellow mountain violets -- Little Cottonwood Canyon

Yellow Mountain Violet
(Viola purpurea)

This species grows in damp spots high in the mountains.

The buds are brown and the blossoms are bright yellow, with brown veins.

Bog violets -- Big Cottonwood Canyon

Bog Violet
(Viola nephrophylla)

The Bog Violet grows in many of our canyons, in rich wet soil.

The blossoms are pale blue, with darker markings in the throat.

Canada violets -- Millcreek Canyon       

Canada Violet
(Viola canadensis)

The Canada Violet can be found growing in some of our Wasatch Mountain canyons, but at a lower elevation than the yellow mountain violet.

Its blossoms are white, with purple veins.

Blue violets -- Salt Lake Valley

English Violet
(Viola odorata)

This is a non-native species that was introduced from Europe. It has become naturalized in many places in this country. It is commonly found near habitations, growing in damp shady places in lawns and gardens.

The flowers are dark purple or blue -- varying in shade from dark to pale. They have a lovely delicate fragrance.