Stickseed (Forget-me-nots)

Genus Hackelia
Borage Family (Boraginaceae)

Hackelia patens

Stickseed (Forget-me-nots)

These pretty little flowers (about one-fourth inch across) are often called forget-me-nots, which are similar looking plants that are native to Europe. They are close relatives, both being in the Borage family. The European forget-me-nots are in the Genus Myosotis.

Some stickseed plants have blossoms that are almost white, with blue markings (above)
  (Hackelia patens)
but the ones that I see most commonly have blue flowers, often with white markings.
  (Hackelia floribunda)
  (Hackelia jessicae)
  (Hackelia micrantha)

The Hackelias are called "stickseeds" because their seeds are covered with tiny barbs which make them stick to clothing and animal fur.


Wasatch and Uinta Mountains


by Sandra Bray