Genus Senecio
Composite Family (Asteraceae/Compositae)


(Senecio spp.)

This genus has many species, difficult for an amateur to tell apart. Some are quite attractive, and others are rather weedy. Some grow in alpine areas, and others on dry rocky hillsides or along roadsides.

In the photo below, two different species (but both Senecios) are growing side by side.

Two species of Senecio

Some of the Senecios likely to be growing here in the high desert foothills of south-central Utah are:

S. spartioides   (Broom Groundsel)
S. atratus   (Black-tipped Senecio)
S. longilobus   (Thread-leaf Groundsel)
S. riddellii   (Riddell Groundsel)
S. multicapitatus   (Groundsel, Ragwort)
S. eremophilus   (Western Golden Ragwort)