Photograph: Uinta Mountain Skyline

Uinta Mountains in Autumn

Uinta Mountains

The peaks seen in the far distance are part of the Uinta mountain chain, which extends from west to east
for about 150 miles just south of Utah's border with Wyoming.

This range includes Utah's highest peaks, several of them exceeding 13,000 feet in elevation.
Some of the ones that may be seen here are:
    Bald Mountain (11,949 ft.)
    Hayden Peak (12,479 ft.)
    Mount Agassiz (12,428 ft.)
    Ostler Peak (12,672 ft.)
    Lamotte Peak (12,720 ft.)
    Cleveland Peak (12,584 ft.)

The following are probably farther to the right (east), and are therefore not in the photo:
    Tokewanna Peak (13,165 ft.)
    Mount Lovenia (13,227 ft.)
    Gilbert Peak (13,442 ft.)
    Kings Peak -- Utah's Highest (13,528 ft.)
    Mount Emmons (13,440 ft.)