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Weeds and Wildflowers of Utah
Alphabetical Index of all plants on site




FERN Family     (Polypodiaceae)

Bracken Fern

(Pteridium aquilinum)

North side of canyon, below Snowbird

Brewer Cliffbrake Fern

(Pellaea breweri)


Parsley Fern

(Cryptogramma crispa)


Green Spleenwort

(Asplenium trichomanes ramosum)



PINE Family     (Pinaceae)

Alpine (or Subalpine) Fir

(Abies lasiocarpa)


White Fir

(Abies concolor)

Lower in canyon

Douglas Fir

(Pseudotsuga menziesii glauca)


Engelmann Spruce

(Picea engelmanni)


Blue Spruce

(Picea pungens)

Lower in canyon

Limber Pine

(Pinus flexilis)

On higher ridges

Mountain Common Juniper

(Juniperus communis)

Low, spreading


WILLOW Family     (Salicaceae)

Narrow Leaf Cottonwood

(Populus angustifolia)

Down canyon

Quaking Aspen

(Populus tremuloides)


Wild Pussy Willow

(Salix wolfii)


Grayleaf Willow

(Salix glauca)


Bebb Willow

(Salix bebbiana)


Rocky Mtn Creeping Willow; Snow Willow

(Salix reticulata saximontana) ?

Only a few inches high,
found at high elevations


BEECH Family     (Fagaceae)

Gambel's Scrub Oak

(Quercus gambelii)

Further down canyon


SAXIFRAGE Family     (Saxifragaceae)

Gooseberry Currant

(Ribes montigenum)

Short, sharp thorns

Wax Currant

(Ribes cereum)

Thornless; Red berries

Western Black Currant

(Ribes peteolare)

Thornless; Black berries


ROSE Family     (Rosaceae)

Shrubby Cinquefoil

(Potentilla fruticosa)


Nootka Rose

(Rosa nutkana)



(Amelanchier alnifolia)



(Sorbus scopulina)



(Prunus virginiana)

Grows further down canyon

Curlyleaf Mountain Mahogany

(Cercocarpus ledifolius)

Grows further down canyon

Mallow Ninebark

(Physocarpus malvaceus)

Grows further down canyon


STAFF TREE Family     (Celastraceae)

Mountain Lover

(Pachystima myrsinites)

"Pa-kissed-Ma", Myrtle Boxwood, Mountain Hedge


MAPLE Family     (Aceraceae)        (All grow lower in Canyon)

Big Tooth Maple

(Acer grandidentatum)


Rocky Mountain Maple

(Acer glabrum)


Box Elder

(Acer negundo)


PHLOX Family     (Polemoniaceae)

Prickly Gilia

(Leptodactylon watsonii)


HONEYSUCKLE Family     (Caprifoliaceae)

Twinberry, Bearberry

(Lonicera involucrata)

Rose colored bracts
encircling fruit

Utah Honeysuckle

(Lonicera utahensis)

Has twin berries also,
but no bracts

Red Elderberry

(Sambucus rubens)


Blue Elderberry

(Sambucus caerulea)

Further down canyon;
Flat-topped umbel


(Symphoricarpos oreophilus utahensis)


SUNFLOWER Family     (Asteraceae/Compositae)

White Sage; Wormwood

(Artemisia ludovisciana)

Herbaceous Sage;
Mountain Sage

Big Sage

(Artemisia tridentata)

Lower in the canyon



LILY Family     (Liliaceae)

False Hellebore, Corn Lily

(Veratrum californicum)

"Boy Scout toilet paper",
Green Hellebore


ORCHID Family     (Orchidaceae)

Bog Orchid

(Habenaria dilatata)

Bog Candle; Scent Bottle

Coral Root Orchid


(See Saprophytes)


NETTLE Family     (Urticaceae)

Stinging Nettle

(Urtica dioica)


BUCKWHEAT Family     (Polygonaceae)

Sulphur Flower Buckwheat

(Eriogonum umbellatum)

Umbrella Plant

Creamy Buckwheat

(Eriogonum heracloides)


Curly Dock

(Rumex crispus)


Mountain Sorrel

(Oxyria digyna)


PURSLANE Family     (Portulacaceae)

Western Spring Beauty

(Claytonia lanceolata)


PINK Family     (Caryophyllaceae)

Alpine Chickweed

(Cerastium beeringianum)


Peterson Silene

(Silene petersoni)


BUTTERCUP Family     (Ranunculaceae)


(Aconitum columbianum)



(Actaea rubra)

Berries red or white

Mountain Delphinium

(Delphinium occidentale)

Tall Wood Larkspur

Rocky Mountain Columbine

(Aquilegia caerulea)

Colorado Columbine

Yellow Columbine

(Aquilegia flavescens)

California Columbine


(Caltha leptosepala)



(Anemone multifida)

Pacific Anemone

Mountain Windflower Anemone

(Anemone globosa)

Small, finely dissected leaves; Flowers carmine color; Cliff area

Snow Buttercup

(Ranunculus adoneus)

Blooms in early July,
at edge of snow

Rocky Mountain Buttercup

(Ranunculus cymbalaria)

Small flowers

Meadow Rue

(Thalictrum fendleri)

Male and female flowers on separate plants;
Male flowers like tiny tassels


MUSTARD Family     (Brassicaceae/Cruciferae)

Rock Cress

(Arabis holbuellii)

Pinkish flowers

Rock Cress

(Arabis microphylla or glabra)

White flowers

Drummond's Rock Cress

(Arabis drummondi)


Mountain Pennycress

(Thlaspi montanum)

Wild Candytuft

Yellow Ball Mustard

(Descurainia pinnata)

Tiny, white, early blooming

Heartleaf Bittercress

(Cardamine cordifolia)

Brook Cress


(Erysinum capitatum)


SEDUM Family     (Crassulaceae)


(Sedum debile)


SAXIFRAGE Family     (Saxifragaceae)

Wild Coralbells

(Heuchera rubescens)

In rock crevices

Brook Saxifrage

(Saxifraga arguta)



(Mitella stenopetala)


Fringed Parnassia

(Parnassia fimbriata)


Wideworld Parnassia

(Parnassia palustris)


ROSE Family     (Rosaceae)

Wild Strawberry

(Fragaria vesca)


Gordon's Ivesia

(Ivesia gordoni)



(Potentilla gracilis)

Bright yellow flowers;
palmate leaves

Sticky Cinquefoil

(Potentilla anserina)

Light yellow flowers;
leaves not palmate


PEA Family     (Fabaceae/Leguminosae)


(Lupinus lobbii)


Bluebonnet Lupine

(Lupinus caudalus)


Annual Lupine

? (Lupinus kingii)


Silky Lupine

? (Lupinus sericeus)


GERANIUM Family     (Geraniaceae)

Wild Pink Geranium

(Geranium fremontii)

Showy Geranium

Wild White Geranium

(Geranium richardsonii)


Sticky Geranium

(Geranium viscosissimum)

Pink to rose-purple;
stems feel sticky


FLAX Family     (Linaceae)

Wild Blue Flax

(Linum lewisii)


Yellow Flax

(Linum kingii)


VIOLET Family     (Violaceae)

Yellow Mountain Violet

(Viola purpurea)


Blue Violet

(Viola adunca)


EVENING PRIMROSE Family     (Onagraceae)


(Epilobium angustifolium)


Alpine Willowherb

(Epilobium alpinum)


Hummingbird Flower

(Zauschneria latifolia)

Wild Fuchsia


PARSLEY Family     (Apiaceae/Umbelliferae)

Cow Parsnip

(Heracleum lanatum)


King Biscuitroot; Stinking Lomatium

(Lomatium graveolens)


Indian Parsley; Giant Lomatium

(Lomatium dissectum)



(Leptotaenia multifida)

In rich soil; 2' tall; rich green feathery foliage; flower clusters form round knobs


PRIMROSE Family     (Primulaceae)

Shooting Star

(Dodecatheon pauciflorum)


Parry's Primrose

(Primula parryi)

Rare -- on Devil's Castle


GENTIAN Family     (Gentianaceae)

Showy Green Gentian

(Frasera speciosa)

Monument Plant

Annual Gentian (Felwort)

(Gentiana amarella)


PHLOX Family     (Polemoniaceae)

Scarlet Gilia

(Gilia aggregata)


Pale Gilia

(Gilia congesta or sinuata)


Feather Gilia

(Linanthastrum nuttallii)


White Jacob's Ladder

(Polemonium foliosissimum or albiflora)


* Sky Pilot

(Polemonium viscosum)

High areas -- rare here


WATERLEAF Family     (Hydrophyllaceae)

Virgate Phacelia

(Phacelia heterophylla)


BORAGE Family     (Boraginaceae)

Forget-Me-Not (Stickseed; Tickweed)

(Hackelia jessicae)


Mountain Bluebells

(Mertensia ciliata)


MINT Family     (Lamiaceae/Labiatae)

Giant Hyssop, Horsemint

(Agastache urticifolia)


Mountain Pennyroyal

(Monardella odoratissima)

Cloverhead Mint

Self Heal

(Prunella vulgaris)

Grows in damp areas


FIGWORT Family     (Scrophulariaceae)

Indian Paintbrush

(Castilleja linariaefolia)

Scarlet red

Rhexi-Leaved Paintbrush

(Castilleja rhexifolia)

Purple-red, maroon to pink

Indian Paint Brush

(Castilleja miniata)

Scarlet, smaller

Painted Cup

(Castilleja occidentalis)

White Indian Paintbrush

Yellow Painted Cup

(Castilleja ??)


Yellow Monkey Flower

(Mimulus guttatus)

At streams

Lewis Monkey Flower

(Mimulus lewisii)

Deep rose, large flowers

Tolmie Owlclover

(Orthocarpus tolmiei)

Yellow here; pink at some other locations

Parrot's Beak, Lousewort

(Pedicularis racemosa)


Elephant's Head

(Pedicularis groenlandica)


Wasatch Penstemon

(Penstemon cyananthus)

Deep vivid blue

Low Penstemon

(Penstemon humilis)


Leonard's Penstemon

(Penstemon leonardi)


Whipple's Penstemon

(Penstemon whippleanus)

Pale; (sometimes deep purple)

Veronica, Speedwell

(Veronica americana)


Little Rabbit Figwort

(Scrophularia lanceolata)


Mullein, Velvet Ear

(Verbascum thapsis)


VALERIAN Family     (Valerianaceae)

Edible Valerian

(Valeriana edulis)

Large root; smelly, but edible

Wild Heliotrope

(Valeriana occidentalis)


SUNFLOWER Family     (Asteraceae/Compositae)


(Achillea millefolium)


Mountain Dandelion

(Agoseris parviflora)


Pearly Everlasting

(Anaphalis margaritacea)

North side Alta road


(Antennaria luziloides or microphylla)


Meadow Arnica

(Arnica chamissonis)

Usually 3 flowers to a stem

There are 40 species of Asters in the Rocky Mountains, even more species of Erigeron, and many species of Senecio -- also many other composites.
** ASTERS -- Have several rows of bracts on back of flower
** DAISIES -- Have one or two rows of bracts

Engelmann Aster

(Aster engelmannii)

Tall, pale lavender to white

Leafy Aster

(Aster foliaceus)


Showy Aster

(Aster conspicuous)

Largest lavender aster

Showy Fleabane Daisy

(Erigeron speciosus)


Fleabane Daisy

(Erigeron leiomerus)


Mountain (Little) Sunflower

(Helianthella uniflora)

Leaves 3-nerved;
bracts around flower head are firm

Mountain Sunflower

(Helianthella quinquenervis)

Leaves 5-nerved; flowers larger than uniflora;
bracts around flower head are soft

Mountain Sunflower

(Hymenoxys richardsonii)


Nuttall's Sunflower

(Helianthus nuttallii ?)



(Hieracium scouleri)



(Hieracium ??)


Western Coneflower

(Rudbeckia occidentalis)


Wooley Butterweed

(Senecio canus)

4 to 12 inches high, flowers to 1 inch;
dry rocky places from foothills to above timberline

Mountain Butterweed

(Senecio fremontii)

4 to 6 inches high, flowers 1 inch, branched from base, thickish leaves;
rocky mountainsides


(Senecio integerrimus)

Straight unbranched stems, 18 to 28 inches;
valleys to timberline

Other Butterweeds and Senecios

(Senecio ??)


Common Dandelion

(Taraxacum officinale)


False Dandelion

(Agoseris glauca)

No true calyx


(Viguiera multiflora)

Blooms in Alta and below

Mountain Thistle

(Cirsium eatonii)





Bull Thistle

(Cirsium vulgare)

Lower in canyon

Meadow Goldenrod

(Solidago canadensis)

Down canyon a little

Other Composites



SAPROPHYTES in ORCHID Family    (Orchidaceae)

(Dependent on decaying vegetation under spruce or aspens)

Striped Coralroot Orchid

(Corallorrhiza striata)


Spotted Coralroot Orchid

(Corallorrhiza maculata)



Sedges (Cyperaceae)
(Elk Sedge and others)

(Carex species)

"Sedges have edges"

Rushes (Juncaceae)

(Juncus species)

"Rushes are round"

Grasses (Poaceae/Graminae)

(Many different species)

"Grasses are hollow
and with joints abound"

Many other species

(Always discovering more)


** NOTES: The peak of bloom is usually about mid July to early August.
1990 -- it peaked about July 28.
1993 -- after a heavy winter, the peak was August 19.
1994 -- a very hot summer, it peaked about July 9.
1997 -- on July 26, it was not yet at peak -- much snow the previous winter.
1998 -- on August 6, it was wonderful but not yet at peak
-- much snow the previous winter, snow in mountains into July.

Prepared from
UNSS Field Trip Handouts
(Dot K. Platt and Janet Williams)

Revised, Enlarged, and
Adapted for the INTERNET
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