Limber Pine

Genus Pinus
Pine Family (Pinaceae)

Limber Pine tree (June 2003)

Limber Pine
(Pinus flexilis)

This is a small to medium sized tree (average 40' in height). It is dark green in color, and somewhat rounded in shape. It is usually found growing on exposed rocky ridges from mid elevations up to timberline. It grows slowly, reaching maturity in 200-300 years.

The twigs are very flexible, and can often be tied in knots without breaking. The tree is named for this characteristic.

The needles grow in bundles of five. They are 2 to 3 inches long, and are quite stiff and stout.

Needles of a limber pine
    -- usually in bundles of 5

Albion Basin
Wasatch Mountains
Salt Lake County, Utah


by Sandra Bray