Indian Paintbrush
Painted Cup

Genus Castilleja
Figwort Family (Scrophulariaceae)

There are several species of paintbrush in Utah, and each of these may have many varieties. It is often difficult, even for an expert, to be sure of which species he has found. They occur in many shades and colors -- rose, pink, red, orange, yellow, and even white.

The flowers themselves are not very noticeable -- small and greenish. The colored parts which are so showy are actually bracts which surround these flowers.

Some of the ones that I have heard mentioned as being found at Albion Basin are:

   Castilleja rhexifolia
   Castilleja linariaefolia
   Castilleja miniata
   Castilleja occidentalis
   Castilleja chromosa
   Castilleja sulphurea

Albion Basin
Wasatch Mountains
Salt Lake County, Utah


by Sandra Bray