Photograph: Mt. Nebo -- Wasatch Mountains

North Peak: 11,928 ft Middle Peak: 11,824 ft South Peak: 11,877 ft
Mt. Nebo -- from Juab Valley
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Mt. Nebo -- Wasatch Mountains

This photo was taken from Juab Valley, west of Mona Reservoir. I think this angle is the most photogenic view of this massive mountain, although it can be seen from many other points around the state.

Part of the boundary separating Utah County from Juab County runs along the mountain ridge from just south of Santaquin to Nebo South Peak. So all of the peaks are in both Juab and Utah counties. Nebo's north peak is the highest point in Utah County, and the highest in the Wasatch Mountain range.

However, it is not the highest point in Juab County -- Juab County's highest point is Ibapah Peak (12,087 ft) in the Deep Creek Mountains -- many miles to the west, near the Nevada border. Comparatively few people have seen it, except from a great distance.