Genus Halogeton
Goosefoot Family (Chenopodiaceae)

Halogeton plant in June
    -- about a foot tall

(Halogeton glomeratus)

This is a small plant -- only about a foot tall, or less. The leaves are shaped like tiny sausages, with a delicate spine at the tip. They are filled with a salty-tasting juice containing a toxic oxalate. This can be poisonous to livestock, especially sheep (which seem to enjoy eating it when it is available).

Halogeton plants in September

The seeds are contained in small papery thin fruits, growing in the leaf axils along the stems. As they mature, the entire plant takes on a pinkish color.

The plant is not native to this country. It was introduced in Nevada in the 1930's, and has spread rapidly all over the western deserts since then.