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  Foothills and Benchlands          

Many of the photos in this group were taken on the foothills and in the canyons of the Wasatch Mountains, near Salt Lake City. In this region, the water that flows from the canyons never reaches the ocean. This is the Great Basin, and water goes no further than the Great Salt Lake. Housing developments have taken over many portions of these foothills, but in the places where they are undisturbed the dominant plants are maple and scrub oak, with a lot of sagebrush and smaller plants mixed in. The lake on the valley floor is just a little over 4200 ft. in elevation, but the benches (formed by prehistoric Lake Bonneville over 10,000 years ago) here on the foothills are at least 1000 ft. higher.

These pictures are meant only to be views of some plants I have seen as I have hiked through the area, and found to be interesting enough to take a photograph. I make no guarantee that I have identified the plants correctly. I have used names that I have been told, or have read in books. Enjoy the photos, and have fun trying to make your own identifications. I would appreciate any comments or corrections.

by Sandra Bray

Hidden Hollow Natural Area (Along Parley's Creek)

List of Foothill Plants