Redroot Buckwheat

Genus Eriogonum
Buckwheat Family (Polygonaceae)

Redroot Buckwheat plants
    -- along a backcountry road, 
	north of Highway 24, Wayne County, Utah

Redroot Buckwheat
(Eriogonum racemosum

The reference book ("A Utah Flora", by Stanley Welsh) states that this buckwheat species occurs in many of our Utah counties, but I have never seen it except at this one location in central Utah.

Several individual plants were growing close together among the sagebrush, each about one foot tall. I had no idea what they were, but took several photographs. Thanks to Bill Gray, for help in identification.

Redroot Buckwheat blossoms

The leaves on the plant grow as a basal rosette, as with many of the other buckwheat species.

The blossoms are arranged in a spike (raceme) along the flower stalk. New buds open at the top, as the stalk grows taller.