Brittle Phacelia

Genus Phacelia
Waterleaf Family (Hydrophyllaceae)

Brittle Phacelia
(Phacelia demissa)

One day, thousands of these beautiful little plants were found blossoming in an area where usually almost nothing can be seen growing.

Apparently some moisture had fallen not long before, and it was enough to allow the plants to sprout and bloom. They were poking up through every crack in the dry baked clay.

Brittle Phacelia

Factory Butte, Utah

This area (along Utah Highway 24, near Factory Butte) has been called "the most miserable piece of real estate on earth". The soil is very poor, and the rainfall is very scant.

(Thanks to Dr. William R. Gray, who identified the plant.)

Near Caineville
Wayne County, Utah


by Sandra Bray