Sacred Datura
  or Jimsonweed

Genus Datura
Nightshade Family (Solanaceae)

Huge white datura blossoms

Sacred Datura
(Datura wrightii)

This low-growing plant with huge white funnel-shaped flowers (up to 7 inches long) may be seen in protected places along the roadsides in the Colorado Plateau area of southeastern Utah and adjoining states.

The blossoms open in the evening and fade during the heat of the day. They are pollinated by moths and other night-flying insects.

The plant is poisonous. People and animals have been killed by eating the seeds and other plant parts, which contain halucinogenic and narcotic drugs. However, the plant has been used in Native American religious ceremonies to induce visions.

Sacred datura plant
    growing on roadside

Along Highway 95
Near Lake Powell
Garfield County, Utah


by Sandra Bray