Genus Aquilegia
Buttercup Family (Ranunculaceae)

Colorado columbine (August 1999)
    -- flowers 3 or 4 inches across
    with spurs up to 2 inches long
    5 white petals and 5 white or blue sepals

Colorado Columbine
(Aquilegia coerulea)

The scientific name "Aquilegia" is taken from the Latin word aquila, which means "eagle". It refers to the long spurs on the petals, which reminded someone of an eagle's talons. However, in contrast, the common name "columbine" means "dove-like".
This species is the state flower of Colorado. It often has blue sepals.

Yellow columbine (July 2003)
    -- blossoms about 2 inches across
    with 5 long spurs, 5 petals,
    and 5 sepals, all yellow

Yellow Columbine
(Aquilegia flavescens)

The Yellow Columbine (the species name "flavescens" means "yellow") is also called the California Columbine. It has a smaller blossom than the Colorado Columbine, but has the same distinctive shape.