Genus Clematis
Buttercup Family (Ranunculaceae)

Blue Clematis blossom

Blue Clematis
(Clematis columbiana)

This is a vine which trails along the ground and climbs over other plants.

It has large flowers, each with four showy blue sepals. There are no true petals, but each sepal is about 2 inches long.

Clematis with feathery fruits

When the seeds develop in late summer, each has a long silky tail.

It is also called "Rock Clematis" or "Purple Virgin's Bower".

Oriental Clematis vine

Oriental Clematis
(Clematis orientalis)

This plant may be found lower down in Big Cottonwood Canyon, near the stream in the foothill region. When in bloom it can easily be spotted on both sides of the road. This is probably not a native species, but has escaped from cultivation.

The flowers are yellow, and not as large as the blue variety (above). However they are still very showy. Each sepal is over an inch long.