Fremont's Buckwheat

Genus Eriogonum
Buckwheat Family (Polygonaceae)

Fremont's Buckwheat Plant
   growing on roadside

Fremont's Buckwheat
(Eriogonum corymbosum)

This plant is named for the explorer John C. Fremont, who first collected a specimen in 1845 in what is now Colorado. It is also called corymbed buckwheat because of the arrangement of the flowers in flat topped clusters at the ends of the branches.

It grows as a clump-like shrub, 2 or 3 feet tall. It can tolerate alkaline soils, and also grows in pinyon-juniper scrub areas.

The plant blooms in late summer and fall. The flowers are very small, but there are many of them blooming at the ends of all the branches. It gives the impression of a large cauliflower.

Some plants produce yellow blossoms, but most are white.

Close-up of small flowers
    on a buckwheat plant

Capitol Reef National Park
Wayne County, Utah


by Sandra Bray