Wallsburg, Wasatch County, Utah

WALLSBURG was founded in 1862. It is located in a beautiful little valley near the top of Provo Canyon, in Wasatch County.

A monument in the town of Wallsburg This monument is located near the middle of town. The placque reads:

        No.     66
   ERECTED JULY 24,1936

          This monument stands 62 feet
          south, 2 feet east of the center of
          the fort built in 1862 by William M.
          Wall and the pioneers of Wallsburg.
          20 families lived in the fort which
          was 400 feet square.  This valley,
          known to the Indians as Little Warm
          Valley, was later called Round
          Valley and finally Wallsburg,
          honoring its founder.
    Wallsburg Ward Aaronic Priesthood and
Utah Pioneer Trails and Landmarks Association

Some of our pioneer ancestors were early settlers of Wallsburg. They lived there for many years, and raised their families there. The following are buried in the Wallsburg cemetery. Included are important dates in the lives of each of them.

   1813 - Robert Wilson Glenn was born in Surry County, North Carolina,
	  a son of Thomas Glenn (1773-1847)
	  and Ann Speer Glenn (1781-1860).
   1850 - Robert Wilson Glenn joined the LDS Church.
   1852 - Robert Wilson Glenn was called to go to Manti, to found the
	  first grist mill there.
   1853 - Robert Wilson Glenn married Sarah Angeline Williams.
	  All of their children were born in Manti.
   1863 - Robert Wilson Glenn went to Sevier County, Utah
          and helped lay out the town of Richfield.
   1864 - Robert Wilson Glenn founded the town of Glenwood
          (near Richfield) and lived there until Indian troubles
	  forced everyone in the area to move out.
   1867 - Robert Wilson Glenn and his family moved out of
          Sevier County because of Indian hostilities.
	  They relocated in Heber City.
   1871 - Robert Wilson Glenn and his family moved to Wallsburg.
   1873 - Robert Wilson Glenn died of pneumonia in Wallsburg at
          age 60, and was buried there.

   1837 - Sarah Angeline Williams was born in Logan County,
          Illinois, a daughter of John Williams (1808-1844)
	  and Marcy Jane Lucas Williams (1812-1896).
   1849 - Sarah Angeline Williams came to Utah with her mother,
          her siblings, and her step-father Henry Barney.
   1851 - Sarah Angeline Williams moved with her family to Manti.
   1853 - Sarah Angeline Williams met and married Robert Wilson Glenn.
	  She was not quite 16 years old.  He was 40.
   1914 - Sarah Angeline Williams Glenn died in Wallsburg at age 76.
	  She had been a widow for 41 years.  She was buried in
	  the Wallsburg cemetery next to her husband.

   1808 - Ephraim Mecham was born in Canaan, Grafton County,
          New Hampshire, a son of Joshua Mecham (1773-1846)
	  and Permelia Chapman Mecham (1777-1866).
   1828 - Ephraim Mecham married Polly Derby.
   1837 - Ephraim and Polly Mecham joined the LDS Church.
	  Four children had been born to them before this time.
   1839 - Ephraim and Polly Mecham settled in Iowa, across the
          river from Nauvoo. Six children were born to them here.
   1853 - Ephraim and Polly, with six surviving children, came to Utah.
	  They settled in Lehi, where two more children were born.
   1862 - Moved to Weber County for a time, then back to the
          Provo area, where they finally settled in Wallsburg, near
	  the top of Provo canyon.
   1891 - Ephraim Mecham died in Wallsburg, at age 83.
	  Buried in Wallsburg cemetery.

   1813 - Polly Derby was born in Grafton County, New Hampshire,
          a daughter of John Derby (1789-1874)
	  and Sarah Currier (1788-1813).
   1828 - Polly Derby married Ephraim Mecham.
   1898 - Polly Derby Mecham died in Wallsburg, at age 85.
	  Buried in Wallsburg cemetery.

     Other pioneer ancestors (related to the Wallsburg settlers) also
     came to Utah, but settled in other communities.

 MARCY JANE LUCAS WILLIAMS BARNEY, mother of Sarah Angeline Williams
   1812 - Marcy Jane Lucas was born in Clinton County, Iowa
	  a daughter of Thomas Lucas (1788-1831)
	  and Sarah Hoblit (1794-1859).
   1849 - Marcy Jane Lucas Williams Barney came to Utah with her
	  children and her second husband (Henry Barney).
   1851 - Williams/Barney family moved to Manti.
   1853 - Williams/Barney family moved farther south, most of them
          settling in Iron County and Garfield County.
   1896 - Marcy died in Escalante, Garfield County, Utah, and is buried
          there.  She had been staying there with one of her daughters.

 PERMELIA CHAPMAN MECHAM, mother of Ephraim Mecham
   1777 - Permelia Chapman was born in Connecticut,
          a daughter of Samuel Chapman (1741-1817)
	  and Hannah Fox (1755-1844).
   1850 - Permelia Chapman Mecham came to Utah, traveling with friends.
	  Other members of her family came during the next few years.
   1866 - Permelia Chapman Mecham died in Heber City, at the age of 89.
	  The location of her burial is unknown.

     Another (the husband of Permelia Chapman Mecham and
     father of Ephraim Mecham), had joined the church in the
     early days, but had died before coming to Utah.

 JOSHUA MECHAM, father of Ephraim Mecham
   1773 - Joshua Mecham was born in Canaan, New Hampshire.
   1837 - Joshua Mecham and other family members joined the LDS church.
   1845 - Joshua and Permelia Mecham were endowed in the Nauvoo temple.
   1846 - Joshua Mecham died at Bonaparte, Van Buren County, Iowa.
	  This was along the Mormon Trail, just west of Lee County.

Wallsburg school -- now abandoned

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