Time Line

TIME LINE -- Events during the lives of our ancestors
(Arranged in chronological order)

   1766 - Charles Dixon was born in Yorkshire, England.
   1772 - Charles Dixon came with his family to Sackville, New Brunswick.
   1776 - Amy Sholes was born in Connecticut.
   1778 - John Tanner was born at Hopkinton, Rhode Island.
   1791 - Joel Shearer was born in Saratoga County, New York.
   1798 - William Anderson was born in Catrine, Ayrshire, Scotland,
          a son of John Anderson and Agnes King.
   1799 - Phoebe Blackwell was born in Gloucestershire, England,
          a daughter of Enoch Blackwell and Hannah Perrine.
   1801 - Elizabeth Gourley was born in Plymouth, England,
          a daughter of John Gourley III and Margaret Graham.
          Elizabeth grew up in Paisley, Scotland.
   1811 - John Joshua Tanner was born in Washington County, New York.
   1811 - Joseph Warthen was born in Licking County, Ohio.
          a son of Alban S. Warthen and Elizabeth Vance.
   1814 - Philo Johnson was born in Fairfield County, Connecticut
          a son of Samuel Johnson and Sarah Abigail Griffin.
   1815 - Charles Billings Wightman was born in Herkimer County, NY.
   1816 - Rebecca A. Smith was born in Bolton, Warren County, New York.
   1819 - Joel Shearer married Phoebe Blackwell in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania.
   1820 - Speedy Brown was born at Leeds, Ontario, Canada,
          a daughter of David Brown and Lucinda Bachelder.
   1822 - Lutitia Shearer was born in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania.
   1823 - Mary Ann Dixon was born at Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada.
   1823 - Margaret Ann Anderson was born in Glasgow, Scotland.
   1825 - Abraham Marshall Berry was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama,
          a son of Abram Berry and Martha Mills.
   1826 - Elizabeth Owen was born in Alabama, a daughter of William Owen
          and Sophia Mills.
   1829 - James Miller was born at Rutherglen, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
   1830 - David Lant was born in Hampshire, England.
1830 - Mormon Church was founded by Joseph Smith.
   1830 - Joel Shearer and Phoebe Blackwell Shearer were baptized into
          the LDS church.  Of our ancestors, they were the earliest to join.
   1832 - John Tanner joined the LDS church.
   1832 - John Joshua Tanner joined the LDS church.
   1835 - Rebecca Smith married John Joshua Tanner in Kirtland, Ohio.
   1835 - Amy Sholes Wightman and many members of her family were
          baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
          (Her husband Joseph Wightman never joined.)
   1835 - Charles Billings Wightman joined the LDS church and moved to
          Kirtland, Ohio, along with many members of his family.
   1837 - Speedy Brown married her first husband, German Ellsworth.
   1837 - James Fayette Shuler was born in Buncombe County, NC
   1837 - Charles Dixon family joined the LDS church and moved
          to Kirtland, Ohio.
   1838 - Mary Ann Dixon was baptized into the LDS Church.
   1838 - Joseph Warthen joined the LDS church, at age 26.
   1838 - Lutitia Shearer was baptized into the LDS church -- she was 16.
          She was the only member of her family to remain active
          in the church throughout her life.
1838 - Mormons in Missouri were forced out of that state.  They were
          allowed to settle in Illinois, where they founded the city of Nauvoo.
1838 - "Trail of Tears" -- Cherokee Indians in North Carolina, Georgia and some
          other eastern states were removed from their lands and forced to move
          to western Arkansas and Oklahoma.
   1841 - German and Speedy Brown Ellsworth joined the LDS Church.
   1841 - Philo Johnson joined the LDS Church.
   1841 - Joseph Warthen (29) married Lutitia Shearer (19).
   1842 - John Tucker Davis and his wife joined the LDS church.
   1843 - Charles Billings Wightman married Mary Ann Dixon.
   1843 - Mary Ann Dixon married Charles Billings Wightman in Kirtland.
   1845 - Rebecca and John Joshua Tanner were endowed in the Nauvoo Temple.
   1845 - Phoebe Blackwell Shearer died in Pike County, Illinois.
   1846 - John Alexander Bray was born near Houlka, Chickasaw County, Mississippi,
          a son of Greenville ("Green") Bray and Lavina Lucinda Smith.
   1846 - James Miller was baptized into the LDS church, at age 16.
   1847 - Anderson family joined the church in Levrickshire, Scotland.
          (Margaret Anderson was 24 years old at this time.)
1847 - Brigham Young led the first pioneer company of LDS members to 
          Salt Lake Valley.
   1847 - Philo Johnson came to Utah with the first pioneer company.
   1848 - John Tanner, with many members of his family, came to Utah
          and settled in South Cottonwood.
   1848 - John Joshua Tanner was asked to stay at the Missouri River
          to help other emigrants on their way.
   1848 - James Miller, with his parents and siblings, came to America.
   1848 - Margaret Anderson came to American with a group of other
          members of the church, landing in New Orleans.
   1848 - Charles Stewart Miller, his wife Mary McGowan Miller,
          and two of their children died of cholera near St. Louis.
          They are buried there in an unmarked grave.
   1848 - Alma Charles Davis was born in Liverpool, England.
   1848 - Joseph Wightman was born in Kirtland, Ohio.
   1849 - William Anderson family came to America on the "Zetland".
          Their oldest daughter, Margaret, had come over the previous year.
   1849 - Elsie Tanner was born in Kanesville, Iowa (now Council Bluffs).
   1849 - Mary Ann Olive Warthen was born in Kanesville, Iowa
          (now Council Bluffs).
   1849 - German Ellsworth died, leaving Speedy with six small children.
          (Another of their children had died earlier.)
   1850 - Philo Johnson married Speedy Brown Ellsworth,
          a widow with 6 children.
   1850 - John Tanner died at the age of 72.
          Buried in Salt Lake City cemetery (Plot 3-1-4).
   1850 - Warthen family came to Salt Lake.
   1850 - David Lant married Elizabeth Hurley -- he was 19, she was 41,
          a widow with a 16-year-old daughter from her previous marriage.
   1851 - James Miller and his remaining siblings came to Utah.
   1851 - John T. Davis family came to America, and to Salt Lake Valley.
          Their son, Alma Charles Davis, was 3 years old.
   1851 - John Joshua Tanner family came to Utah, travelling
          with the Isaac Allred Company.
          Their daughter Elsie was 2 years old at the time.
   1852 - Margaret Anderson came to Utah with her father (William Anderson),
          traveling with the Huntington-Johnson Company.
   1852 - David Lant, his wife, and step-daughter joined the LDS church.
   1852 - James Miller married Margaret Ann Anderson in Salt Lake.
   1852 - Warthen family moved to Provo -- the earliest date that
          any of my ancestors settled in Utah County.
   1852 - Joseph Warthen was killed. There is a grave marker for him in
          the Springville Pioneer Cemetery, but his exact burial place is unknown.
   1853 - Emily Johnson was born in Salt Lake City.
   1853 - Elizabeth Gourley Anderson, with the rest of the family
          (father William and oldest daughter Margaret had gone the previous
          year), traveled to Utah in the company of Captain Clawson.
   1854 - Rebecca Smith Tanner died, at the age of 38.
          Her exact burial place is unknown.
   1855 - Charles Dixon died in Iowa at age 89, during the journey to Utah.
          He was our earliest-born (1766) ancestor to join the LDS church.
   1855 - Elizabeth Humphrey Dixon (wife of Charles Dixon and mother of 
          Mary Ann Dixon Wightman) came to Payson at age 77 with other members 
          of her family.
   1855 - David Lant came to America on the ship "S. Curling",
          then to Utah with the Milo Andrus Company.
          He and his wife originally settled in Provo.
   1856 - Margaret Ann Miller was born in Salt Lake.
          She was named after her mother.
   1856 - James Miller family moved to Spanish Fork.
1857 - News was received that the United States Army was coming to Utah.
          Many families left Salt Lake, and moved farther south in the state.
   1857 - John T. Davis family moved to Spanish Fork.
          Their son, Alma Charles Davis, was 9 years old at the time.
   1857 - Philo and Speedy Johnson and their children moved to Payson.
          This was the earliest date that any of my ancestors came to Payson.
   1858 - David Lant and his family moved to Payson.
1858 - U.S. Army entered Salt Lake, finding the city mostly deserted.
   1859 - Joel Shearer died in Council Bluffs, Iowa.
          (He had left the church before this time.)
   1859 - William Anderson died in Salt Lake, at age 60.
          Buried in the Salt Lake City cemetery (Plot A-8-5).
1860 - Abraham Lincoln was elected president.
1861 - Civil War began.
   1861 - Amy Sholes Wightman died in Kirtland, Ohio.  She and her
          husband, Joseph, are buried side by side in the graveyard
          near the old temple.
   1862 - Charles Billings Wightman family came to Payson.
   1862 - Joseph Wightman came to Payson with his family, at age 13.
   1864 - Elizabeth Humphrey Dixon died in Payson at age 86.  She is
          the earliest-born (1778) person buried in the Payson cemetery.
1864 - Union forces, under General Sherman, invaded Georgia.
   1864 - James F. Shuler was convicted of Highway Robbery for helping to
          rob a stagecoach in California.  He was sentenced to 10 years
          imprisonment in the state prison at San Quentin.
1865 - Civil War ended, and President Lincoln was assassinated.
   1865 - Elsie Tanner came to Payson, at the age of about 15,
          to help keep house for her bachelor brothers.
   1869 - David Lant married Elsie Tanner as a plural wife.  He was 39,
          she was 19. (David's first wife, Elizabeth was about 60 at this time.)
   1869 - Joseph Wightman married Emily Johnson.
   1872 - Letitia Ann George Davis died in Spanish Fork.
   1872 - James F. Shuler was pardoned and released from San Quentin prison.
   1872 - James F. Shuler came to Utah to work in the Tintic mines.
   1872 - John Alexander Bray married Irene Roland ("Molly") Berry.
   1873 - James F. Shuler married Mary Ann Warthen Davis,
          a widow with a small child.
   1874 - Alma Charles Davis married Margaret Ann Miller in January.
   1874 - Letitia Ann Davis was born in Spanish Fork in December.
          She was named after her father's mother, who had died two years before.
   1877 - John Tanner Lant was born in Payson.
   1880 - James and Mary Ann Shuler moved to Payson for the children
          to go to school.
   1883 - Clealon Bray was born in Houlka, Mississippi.
   1887 - Generva ("Jennie") Glenn was born in Wallsburg, Utah.
   1887 - Dave Shuler, youngest child of James and Mary Ann Shuler, was born in Payson.
   1888 - John Tucker Davis died in Spanish Fork, at age 82.
   1888 - Elsie Tanner Lant died in Payson, at the age of 38.
   1888 - Elizabeth Gourley Anderson (age 86) died in Wanship, Utah,
          at the home of her son, Archibald.  Buried in the Salt Lake City
          cemetery in the plot near her son, James (Plot I-19-10).
   1888 - John and Molly Bray joined the L.D.S. church and
          brought their family to Utah.
   1889 - Abraham Marshall Berry was shot and wounded by an anti-Mormon mob
          at his home in Chickasaw County, Mississippi.
   1889 - Abraham and Elizabeth Berry came to Provo, Utah.
   1890 - Abraham Berry died from blood poisoning in the buckshot wounds he
          had received the previous year.  He is buried in the Provo cemetery.
   1890 - Dora May Wightman was born in Payson.
   1893 - Margaret Ann Anderson Miller died in Spanish Fork, at age 69.
   1895 - Charles Billings Wightman died in Payson.
   1896 - John Joshua Tanner died at the age of 96.
          Buried in Murray cemetery (on Vine Street).
   1896 - Philo and Speedy Johnson both died in Payson.
   1897 - John Tanner Lant married Letitia Ann Davis.
   1903 - Lutitia Shearer died in Payson, but was buried in Springville.
   1903 - Clealon Bray married Generva ("Jennie") Glenn in Heber, Utah.
   1905 - James Miller died in Spanish Fork, at age 76.
   1908 - David Lant died in Payson, at age 78.
   1908 - John Alexander Bray died of a heart attack in Provo, at age 61.
   1909 - Dave Shuler (21) married Dora May Wightman (19).
1918 - Flu epidemic following the end of World War I
   1918 - Dora May Wightman Shuler died of the flu, at age 28.
   1919 - Letitia Ann Davis Lant died of the flu, at age 44.
   1923 - James F. Shuler died in Payson at age 85.
   1926 - Emily Johnson Wightman died in Payson at age 72.
   1930 - Joseph Wightman died in Santaquin at age 81, and was buried in Payson.
   1931 - Irene ("Molly") Bray died in Provo, at age 75.
          Buried in Provo city cemetery.
   1936 - Mary Ann Warthen Shuler died in Payson at age 86.

Information Compiled
by Craig Lant Shuler
and Karen Bray Keeley

INTERNET Adaptation
by Sandra S. Bray