Testimony of
(written at age 60 -- 18 Feb 1881 in Payson, Utah
to be sealed in a time capsule)

"I, SPEEDY JOHNSON, desire to leave to my posterity a biography of my life, that they may in fifty years hence be benefitted thereby.

"I am the daughter of David Brown and Lucinda Bachelor. I joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1841. I was married to German Ellsworth in 1837. We immigrated to Illinois (from Michigan) in 1842, where we remained until the spring of 1846, where by the order of the Governor of Illinois we were driven from our homes along with the Saints. We went to Winter Quarters where we remained until the spring of 1849, when we started for Utah. We arrived in Salt Lake City the 23rd of the following September (1849). On the 9th of the next November (1849) my husband died (of mountain fever), leaving me with seven children, named respectively:

    ELIZABETH ELLSWORTH         b. 29 Dec 1839,
    EPHRAIM EDGAR ELLSWORTH     b. 25 Jul 1841,
    EVALINE ELLSWORTH           b. 7 Sep 1842,
    ESTHER ELLSWORTH            b. 12 Sep 1844,
    NANCY MINERVA ELLSWORTH     b. 16 Jan 1846,
    ISRAEL ELLSWORTH            b. 14 Apr 1848,
    GERMAN ELLSWORTH, Jr.       b. 29 Sep 1849,

"I married again in 1850 to PHILO JOHNSON, by whom I also had seven children, as follows:

    PHILO JOHNSON, Jr.          b. 15 Aug 1851,
    EMILY JOHNSON               b. 31 Aug 1853,
    MELISSA JOHNSON             b. 15 Aug 1855,
    HANNAH MOSLEY JOHNSON       b. 1 Oct 1856,
    REUBEN WILLIAM JOHNSON      b. 9 Sep 1858,
    SPEEDY ALICE JOHNSON        b. 29 Apr 1865,

"We remained in Salt Lake City until 1858, when the Church was called to move south, at which time we moved to Payson where I now live. In the spring of 1863, my youngest son, a boy of (nearly) five years, was accidentally shot. It was a terrible sorrow to us, but I felt to acknowledge the hand of God, that gives and and takes away, and blessed be His name.
"In 1865 the Relief Society was organized in Payson, my name being among the first enrolled. In 1877, the Church was requested to renew their covenants. My husband and myself were re-baptized. In 1878 the Relief Society was reorganized in the wards, and I was set apart President of the second district, by JOSEPH S. TANNER and council, which place, with the help of God, I have tried to fill to the best of my ability.
"I am now in the sixty-first year of my life. I have been forty years a member of the Church of God, and I have never for one moment doubted the truth of His work, and my constant prayer is that I may prove faithful to the end. I have ten living children and thirty-three grandchildren, and I pray God, my Eternal Father, to enable them to be faithful to the cause of Christ, and that they may gain for themselves an exaltation in the Celestial Kingdom of our God, and that we may meet in Heaven to enjoy the society of our loved ones that have gone before, with the just and the true.
"When you read this I shall be sleeping in the dust, but I hope and trust that my memory may be dear to you, and that it may be a guiding star to you to walk in the straight and narrow way that leads to life eternal, which is the sincere desire of your mother and grandmother."

The above testimony was sealed to be opened fifty years later (in 1931).

Information from Various Sources
Gathered by Karen Bray Keeley
and Craig Lant Shuler

INTERNET Adaptation
by Sandra S. Bray