EMANUEL SHULER, a son of George and Mary Shuler, was born October 20, 1793 presumably in the Pendleton District of western South Carolina. In about 1801, he moved with his father's family to an area about 40 miles north, near the Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina.

In about 1819, Emanuel married Jane Engram (Ingram). She was born October 22, 1803 in North Carolina, probably the daughter of Goldman Ingram (abt. 1775-1850) and Jemima Hughey (1778-1869).


Emanuel and Jane became the parents of ten children, three daughters and seven sons:

  • Lavinia (1820 - )
  • John (1822 - 1891)
  • William (1824 - 1903)
  • Andrew (?)
  • Eliza (1827 - )
  • George W. (1828 - 1900)
  • Margaret (1835 - 1880)
  • James Fayette (1937 - 1923)
  • Goldman (1838 - )
  • Richard (1850 - 1933)

    The oldest two were probably born in the area that became Swain County, North Carolina. In 1824, Emanuel bought some Cherokee Indian lands in present-day Cherokee County, North Carolina, and he also owned land in Buncombe County. In 1848, the family moved to Cass (now Bartow) County in northwestern Georgia, where their last child was born. Emanuel Shuler was always quite prosperous, and throughout the middle part of his life was a slaveholder.

    (Christine Weaver Shuler, who has researched the Shulers in South Carolina and wrote a book called HISTORY OF THE SHULER FAMILY, says that most of the Shulers seemed to acquire a great deal of land, and that they worked very hard to provide well for their families. She also says that most of the Shulers were very religious, and that quite a large number of them were preachers and missionaries).

    As the years went by, Emanuel's children married one by one, and most chose to move west. In 1876, when he was past 80, Emanuel, too, moved west, sold his land in Georgia, and settled on a farm at Hackett City, Arkansas, near Fort Smith on the Oklahoma border. He died March 11, 1883, at age 89, and was buried in Mountain View Cemetery there in the Ozark Hills. His wife, Jane Ingram Shuler, died April 9, 1885, at age 81, and was buried by his side.

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