Adelia Vilate Mecham

ADELIA VILATE MECHAM was the 12th and last child of Ephraim and Polly Derby Mecham. She was born in Lehi, Utah, after the family had come west.

In 1853, EPHRAIM and POLLY Mecham and their family (6 children at that time) had crossed the plains to Utah and settled in Lehi. They had 12 children altogether, but four of these had died young and then two more were born after they settled in Utah.

The children were:

      1.AMOS MECHAM (b. 1830 in Mercer, Erie Co., Penn.,
          d. Apr. 1831);
      2.PERMELIA MECHAM (b. 11 Sep 1832 in Mercer, Penn.,
          md. DANIEL BIGELOW,
          d. 10 June 1911 in Wallsburg);
      3.LEWIS MECHAM (b. 18 Dec. 1835 in Mercer, Penn.,
	  and later ESTHER HERBERT,
	  d. 14 Oct 1907 in Wallsburg);
      4.ELVIRA MECHAM (b. 1836 in Mercer, Penn. and d. Oct 1845);
      5.EMMA MARIA MECHAM (b. 9 May 1840 in Montrose, Lee Co., Iowa,
          md. WILLIAM BROWN HILL, d. 6 Aug. 1923);
      6.HYRUM MORONI MECHAM (b. 20 Aug 1842 in Montrose, Iowa,
          md. SARAH ANN STEVENS
	  and later LOUISA JANE KIRBY, d. 14 Feb 1917);
      7.SARAH ANN MECHAM (b. 1844 in Montrose, Iowa,
          died Jan 1847);
      8.EPHRAIM DON CARLOS MECHAM (b. 1846 in Montrose, Iowa,
          d. Oct 1846);
      9.MARY HENRIETTA MECHAM (b. 10 Apr 1848 in Montrose, Iowa,
          md. MILES BATTY,
	  d. 21 Dec 1899 in Wallsburg);
     10.POLLY CELESTIA MECHAM (b. 2 Apr 1852 in Montrose, Iowa,
          md. WILLIAM HAWS, d. 21 Apr 1890);
     11.JOHN ALBERT MECHAM (b. 21 June 1854 in Lehi, Utah,
          md. ROSELLA ANN BIGELOW, d. 14 Jan 1934 in Provo);
   **12.ADELIA VILATE MECHAM (b. 26 Dec 1856 in Lehi, Utah,
          md. ROBERT WILSON GLENN, Jr.,
	  and died 25 Nov 1941 at the age of 84).

Vilate and Robert Glenn

Robert Wilson Glenn II was born on 16 Apr 1856, in Manti, Utah; the son of Robert Wilson Glenn I (1813-1873) and Sarah Williams Glenn (1836-1914). He and Vilate were married on 10 Sep 1876, in Lehi, Utah. Their family consisted of nine chidren; seven girls and two boys:

      1.ADA VILATE GLENN (1877-1880);
      2.MARY GLENN (1879-1954),
      3.MARGUERITTE ("Maggie") GLENN (1882-1904),
          md. JOHN LEE MASON;
      4.ALICE GLENN (1884-1968),
          md. THOMAS G. HOLMES;
    **5.GENERVA ("Jennie") GLENN(1887-1937),
          md. 1-CLEALON BRAY (div)
              2-EARL TUCKER (div)
	      3-BERT BAYLOR (div)
	      4-TERRY A. MANN (div)
	      5-ALLEN DALE JACKSON (div)
      6.ROBERT WILSON ("Bill") GLENN III (1889-1936),
          never married;
      7.EMELY ("Elma") GLENN (1891-1954),
          md. 1-DANIEL JOSEPH DELANEY and
              2-JAMES ALFRED THOMAS;
      8.NORA GLENN (1894-1961),
          md. 1-WILLIAM DOWDLE and
              2-MILTON HENRY SMITH;
      9.HUGH GORDON GLENN (1899-1972),

(All of the children of Robert Wilson Glenn, Jr. and his wife Vilate Mecham were born in Wallsburg, Utah).

The family lived in Wallsburg for 29 years, from 1876 to 1905. During this period of time, Father operated a store for the family's source of income. They sold the store in Wallsburg in 1905 and bought a beautiful 60-acre farm on the Provo bench. But approximately two years later, in the fall of 1907, the farm was traded for a business in Bingham Canyon, consisting of a cafe, a meat market, and a grocery store. They moved to Bingham and lived there for about 30 years.

When they were in their late 70's (in 1934 or 1935) they moved from Bingham to the home on 3900 South. They had five acres of land there, on which they raised a few vegetables. The property was located approximately where the TRAX station now is.

Robert Wilson Glenn Jr. died on the 23rd of January 1936, at the age of 79, from hardening of the arteries and a bad heart. Vilate lived until she was almost 85 years old. She died on the 25th of November 1941. They are buried in the Elysian Burial Gardens in Murray, Utah. Their children Robert Wilson (Bill) Glenn III, Mary Glenn Stoker, Alice Glenn Holmes, Jennie Glenn (Bray) Jackson, and Hugh Glenn are all buried in the same cemetery near other extended family members.

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by Karen Bray Keeley

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