JOHN TANNER LANT, the only one of David Lant's children to carry on the Lant family name, was born May 8, 1877 in Payson, Utah, the fifth of nine children. When he was eleven years old his mother Elsie Tanner died. He grew up in Payson. He married Letitia Ann ("Letty") Davis of Spanish Fork, Utah, on 23 September 1897; when he was 20 and she 22 years old (they were married while John's outlaw brother Dave was in the Utah State Penitentiary). Letty was half Scottish and half Welsh; she was the eldest daughter of Alma Charles Davis (b. 1848 in Liverpool, England) and his wife Margaret Ann Miller (b. 1856 in Salt Lake City).
The book "Peteetneet Town: A History of Payson, Utah" by Madoline Cloward Dixon says:

"John T. Lant was elected mayor (of Payson) for the term of 1914-15. He had previously served a four-year term as city councilman in Garland, Utah, and later served as city marshall in Payson. He and his family lived at 363 North Main Street. All were prominent citizens ... Mr. Lant was influential in the decision of Utah-Idaho to build a sugar factory near Payson ... While serving as mayor Mr. Lant went into business with John Persson in the Lant & Persson, Clothiers; 75 South Main Street. John Persson and his sons Reed, Vernon, and Harold, operated the store."


The children of John T. Lant and Letitia Ann Davis Lant were:

     ELSIE LUCILE LANT, b. 8 May 1898 at Payson, 
        d. 22 Oct 1969 in Boise, Idaho at age 71, 
	married to Francis ("Frank") Reid OBERHANSLEY.
	Frank was a superintendent for the National Park Service.
	He started out as naturalist and park ranger at Yellowstone, 
	then moved to Sequoia National Park in California. He became 
	superintendent of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, then 
	Grand Teton National Park, and lastly of Zion National Park. 
	Here he also supervised Cedar Breaks, Pipe Springs, and 
	Capitol Reef National Monuments.
	"Aunt Lucile" was a very refined and cultured lady who 
	wanted everything done in the proper manner; my sisters and 
	I remember when	we were little girls, she taught us that we 
	were supposed to curtsy	and say "how do you do" when 
	introduced to people, and to call her "AHHnt Lucile" instead 
	of the Utah pronunciation of the word.  With her husband's 
	position, Aunt Lucile frequently acted as a hostess, 
	entertaining many high-level guests from all around the world 
	who came to visit the national parks in those early days.  
	Frank and Lucile had two daughters,
          Erma Dee, b. 1917, died at age 9, 
          Carol, b. 1920, 
	    married W. Mark Smith, a dentist in Boise, Idaho.
	    had 4 children:
     DONNA MARGARET LANT, b. 5 Apr 1901 at Payson, 
        d. 6 Mar 1983 in Ogden, Utah at age 81, 
	married to Jesse Donald ("Don") BARNEY.
	Donna was "Onion Queen" of Payson's Golden Onion Days when 
	she was	a young lady.  After high school she took two years 
	of special training in dramatic art, and was involved with 
	drama productions in the community and Church.  Her husband, 
	Don was a high school coach, math teacher, and principal 
	in Ogden.  They had three sons:
          Gordon Lant Barney, b. 1919, 
	    married Kathryn Fowles; 
	    had 4 sons.
          John Richard ("Dick") Barney, b. 1923, 
	    married Martha Jean Johnson;
	    had 8 children
          Donald J. Barney, b. 1929, 
	    married (1) Juana Cunnington (div) and
            (2) Lorna Doone Millett.
            Don had six children.
        Some of these Barney 2nd cousins said that they used to call
	Great-Grandpa Lant "Daddy John."
     DAVID LESTER LANT, b. 6 Feb. 1904 at Garland, Utah, 
        died 9 May 1905 at age 1, buried in Garland, Utah.
     JOHN GLEN LANT, who went by his second name, Glen, 
        b. 29 Jan 1906 at Garland, Utah, 
	d. 28 Apr 1972 in Provo at age 66, 
	married	to Arthella Mae Holladay, 
	had three children:
          Letty Lou, b. 1935, married Gerald Heber Hart;
          Glenna Mae, b. 1936, married Ralph Dan Webb; 
          John Glen Lant, Jr., b. 1942 
	    (works at BYU, in administration),
	    married Cheryl Clark (she was "Mrs. Utah" of 1975).
     HAROLD LANT, b. 8 July 1908 at Garland, Utah, 
        d. 1994 in Bellingham, Washington at age 86, 
	married to Lyla Jeanette Strand.
	He was an attorney in Bellingham, Washington.  
	Had two children:
          Patricia Dee, b. 1940, married James Elton Grenfell; 
          Harold Stephen Lant, b. 1941, married Linda Ann Brewer.
     ERMA LANT, who changed the spelling of
        her name to "Irma", 
	b. 29 Apr 1910 at Garland, Utah, 
	died 2 May 1996	in Sun City, Arizona at age 86, 
	married to (1)  Howard Wayne Shuler, 
        (2) Paul DeOrr Tyson.
        The five children born to Irma and Howard Shuler were:
          Patsy Rae, b. 17 Feb 1932, lived only 4 days.
          Sandra, b. 8 Apr 1934, 
	    married Garland LaMar Bray.
          John David Shuler, b. 6 Apr 1937,  
	    married Marilyn Tate.
          Michael Howard Shuler, b. 10 Dec 1939, 
	    married Ardith Ann Davis
          Craig Lant Shuler, b. 15 Jun 1951, married
            (1) Marilyn Maxine McEwan
            (2) Gayle Rebecca Guest
     Also another baby boy who was stillborn,
	b. 1 Sep 1914 at Payson, Utah.

Letitia died with influenza on January 28, 1919 at age 44, during the terrible epidemic that also took three of her sisters and brothers, as well as many other relatives and friends in Payson."

John Tanner Lant remarried on 24 June 1920 to Elizabeth Charlotte ("Lottie") Lee Finlayson, a young widow. (She had been born 19 August 1887 at Melbourne, Australia, the daughter of John Lee and Elizabeth Ann Carey). John T. Lant was 43 and Lottie was 32 years old when they married. Lottie had two children from her previous marriage,

         LEETA FINLAYSON (1912-   ), 
	   who married Lawrence ("Hans") Wilson, 
         WILLIAM JOHN ("BILL") FINLAYSON (1916-   ), 
	   who married (1) Dorothy Louise Schempp, and
                       (2) Ruth Okelberry (White).

John T. and Lottie had three more children:

         RICHARD LEE LANT, b. 10 June 1923 at Toppenish, Washington,
	   d. 29 Dec 1972 in Payson, Utah at age 49, 
	   married to (1) Carol Nuttall (div) and
                      (2) Fern Aileen Peterson.
           Dick had only one child, 
	     David Richard Lant, b. 1946, 
	     who married Nadine Prince.	
	     David was raised by his step-mother Aileen, 
	     who legally adopted him.  
	   Aileen still lives in the old John T. Lant home in Payson.
         NANCY LEE LANT, b. 5 Mar 1928 at Bellingham, Washington,
	   married to Max Leon Menlove.  
	   They had seven children:
             Susan, b. 1948
             Peggy, b. 1953
             Doug, b. 1955
             Mark, b. 1959
             Gary, b. 1963
             Sharla, b. 1966
             Angela, b. 1974
         JOHN TANNER LANT, Jr., b. 26 July 1930 
	   at Bellingham, Washington and died the next day.

John T. Lant served in various capacities in community affairs and city government. Madoline Cloward Dixon in her book says that by the 1930's the cemetery of Payson was a sorry sight, and Mayor Philo Wightman said "You could hide a herd of cattle in the tall weeds there." The nation was then in the midst of the Great Depression, and make-work projects were sought to help the unemployed. Mayor Wightman and members of the City Council submitted a request to Washington, D.C. for funds to improve the cemetery. Estimated cost of the project was $417,000, the federal government to purchase materials, the city to pay for labor. The project was approved. Mayor Wightman wrote in his autobiography that, "by making a trade with Seth Tanner for a piece of ground adjoining the cemetery on the west we squared up the ground owned by the city. We later laid water mains and planted the whole place to grass." The old entry gate was removed as were fences around the individual burial lots. John T. Lant of the city council was in charge of the project, and the work was completed under his direction.

John and Lottie Lant

Lottie Lee Finlayson Lant died in Payson, Utah 21 Apr 1964, at age 76.
The account in JAMES MILLER FAMILY HISTORY continues:
"Our father, John T. Lant, just passed his 89th birthday (1966). He is now the only one left of his father's family. He still loves life and enjoys fairly good health, residing in Payson, in the lovely sturdy home he built for the family 53 years ago.
After his death this part was added -

"Dad was a natural leader -- imbued with generosity and tolerance. He served two separate terms as Mayor of Payson, during which time he was instrumental in getting the Strawberry Water Project to Payson. He was also the first Town Councilman (equivalent to Mayor) of Garland, Box Elder County, Utah. (He was transferred there and to other places in his career with the Utah-Idaho Sugar Company, to open up new factories and encourage farmers in new areas to grow sugar beets). The family resided first in Payson from 1897 to 1903; in Garland, Box Elder County, Utah for ten years (1903 to 1913), then back to Payson from 1913 to 1922; in the state of Washington from 1922 to 1930 (in Toppenish, Yakima County; Mount Vernon, Skagit County; and in Bellingham, Whatcom County). The move to Washington was after Mother's death and his remarriage. They were transferred back to Payson after 1930, where his position was field superintendent of the Utah area from Garland south to Delta.
"He contributed much to the growth and development of the sugar beet industry in Utah and other parts of the West. Our father passed away October 19, 1966. We are grateful to our parents for the fine heritage they gave us."

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