GENERVA ("Jennie") GLENN was born 25 July 1887 in Wallsburg, Wasatch County, Utah, and she grew up in Wallsburg. Relatives on both sides of her family had been early settlers there. She married Clealon Bray on 24 Dec 1904 at Heber, Wasatch, Utah. Clealon was a son of John Alexander Bray (1846-1908) and Irene Roland Berry (1855-1931). He was born 5 Nov 1883 at Houlka, Chickasaw, Mississippi. His family had joined the LDS Church in 1888 in Mississippi, and came to Utah by train when Clealon was only 4 years old. The Bray family had been driven out by mob persecution, which was very severe against "Mormons" in the southern states during that era. The Bray family lived in Provo, and apparently Clealon and Jennie met when he made deliveries to her father's store in Wallsburg. Clealon was 21 and Jennie only 16 when they married. To this couple was born three children:

     WANDA INEZ BRAY, b. 29 Jan 1905
       in Wallsburg, Wasatch County
       (later married Leonard Call Mann)
     LISTON CLEALON BRAY, b. 10 Mar 1906
       in Provo, Utah County
       (later married Bertha Butterfield)
     ROBERT LAMAR BRAY, b. 23 Aug 1908
       in Bingham, Salt Lake County, Utah
       (later married Grace Allene Lumpkin)

Clealon and Jennie were divorced soon after LaMar was born. She moved to Bingham Canyon where her parents had lived since 1907. They owned a cafe and grocery store in Bingham. Jennie worked for her father and later at her sister's boarding house, while she and her three children lived with her parents, Robert Wilson Glenn II and Vilate Mecham Glenn. Bingham Canyon, a typical western mining town, was quite a rough place. It had many saloons, and fights broke out frequently. The town was also plagued by natural disasters, such as floods, fires, and snowslides. The houses were mostly made of wood and were packed tightly together in the narrow canyon; so when fires broke out they often raged from one end of the town to the other. This happened repeatedly (in 1881, 1895, 1905,1924 and 1932). It is said that "every home had a still, and during the town's fires the smoke smelled so fragrantly that firemen as well as bystanders, men, women, cats, dogs, chickens, and birds staggered around dizzily, because of the overpowering alcoholic fumes." (This may be only another tall tale, however).
Jennie had a hard life trying to raise her children as a single mother. She worked and tried to support her children, but she remarried and divorced four more times; she seems to have made very poor choices in husbands. Most of them were abusive to her or the children, who were sent to stay with different relatives at times. My grandpa stayed with cousins in Wallsburg and for a while out at Gold Hill in the west desert, which is now a ghost town. After her divorce from Clealon Bray, Jennie Glenn was married and divorced in succession to Earl Tucker, Bert Baylor, Terry A. Mann, and lastly to Allen Dale Jackson, in 1928. She had no children by any of these other marriages. Even though she was also divorced from Mr. Jackson, she kept the last name Jackson for the remainder of her life.
Jennie and her children often lived with her parents Robert Wilson Glenn II (1856-1936) and Adelia Vilate Mecham (1856-1941) in Bingham, and after her last divorce she again moved back to her parents' home after they had moved to the valley. She died from cancer on 23 May 1937, at 49 years of age. She is buried in the Elysian Burial Gardens in Murray, under the name Jennie Jackson. Her sons Liston and LaMar Bray and their wives are also buried there. Her parents Robert Wilson Glenn II and Vilate Mecham, and her brothers Bill (Robert Wilson Glenn III) and Hugh Glenn; also her sister Mary Glenn (Stoker), and her grandson Lawrence Webb Bray, are all buried near each other in the Elysian Burial Gardens.

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