CLEALON BRAY, the sixth of the ten children of John Alexander Bray and Irene Roland Berry, married Generva ("Jennie") Glenn (1887-1937) in 1903 in Heber, Utah. They met when he made deliveries to her father's store in Wallsburg. Clealon was 20 and Jennie only 15 when they married.

To this couple were born three children:

    WANDA INEZ BRAY, (born 29 Jan 1905 in Wallsburg, Utah)
    LISTON CLEALON BRAY, (born 10 March 1906 in Provo)
  **ROBERT LAMAR BRAY, (born 23 August 1908 in Bingham)

Clealon and Jennie were divorced soon after LaMar was born. She moved to Bingham where her parents had moved in 1907. They owned a cafe and grocery store in Bingham where Jennie worked for her father while she and her three children lived with her parents.

Clealon remarried in 1910 to Alice Rose Sommerville, and they had five children:

    MYRLE IRENE BRAY, (born 5 Dec 1912 in Eureka, Utah)
    MAX CLEALON BRAY, (born 3 July 1914 in Provo)
    KENNETH JOHN BRAY, (born 10 Oct 1915 in Provo)
    FERN BRAY, (born 8 Aug 1917 in Provo)
    JOHN WALTER BRAY, (born 16 Apr 1919 in Provo)

Clealon Bray worked as a miner, a foreman at Columbia Steel, and also as a carpenter. One of Clealon's nephews says he remembers that Clealon liked to go fishing. He would fish in the Provo River, and often brought some of his catch to their family for dinner; he was their favorite uncle.

Jennie and her children had a harder time in Bingham; she worked and tried to support her children, but she remarried and divorced four more times; she seems to have made very poor choices in husbands. Most of them were abusive to her or the children, who were sent to live with different relatives at times. One of her husbands even joined a cult and moved to Oregon.

After her divorce from Clealon Bray, she was married to Earl Tucker, Bert Baylor, Terry A. Mann, and lastly to Allen Dale Jackson, in 1928. Even though she was also divorced from him, and had no children by any of these marriages, she kept the last name Jackson. The family has a picture of Jennie wearing a buckskin dress outfit and holding a rifle, in a pose like Annie Oakley. It is said that Terry Mann bought her this outfit and taught her to shoot a rifle.
Jennie and her children often lived with her parents Robert Wilson Glenn II (1856-1936) and Adelia Vilate Mecham (1856-1941) in Bingham. After her last divorce she again moved back to her parents' home, after they had moved to the valley. She got breast cancer and died 23 May 1937 at only 49 years of age. She is buried in the Elysian Burial Gardens in Murray, under the name Jennie Jackson. Clealon Bray also had died young, 29 Sept 1932 in Provo, Utah at the age of only 48.

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